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The Webmaster Speaks...

Yup, we're back on the block! Those Black Jacket Nupes have pushed through and brought you yet another example of what ACHIEVEMENT really is. While this site is still a "work-in-progress," we figured why not bless our loyal followers (and groupies) with what is to come and in the making. So, here it is!

Got brew?

Since our departure, not much has changed. Nupes still run the yard (well at least at UCLA and CSUN), and Sigmas are still considered the last-choice organization if you can't make it into one of the others. Am I wrong? One thing that has changed is that the Breezies that I have notice at our events seem to be more 'bout it than ever. Maybe it's the Kappa Koncoctions that we serve up in the VIP rooms, but where else have you seen people simply give in to their inner inhibitions? Take for example the ever-popular Nupes Gone Wild! events that we host. Other have attempted to duplicate it, but have not quite reached the point where truly wild thing happen (like what you see to the left!0. Maybe Black Jacket Nupe events have a way of making the impossible, possible. So then the question is begged, is it the Nupe or the Jacket? To help bring light to this topic, I have written a small article on the jacket and its origin. Holler back and let me know what you think of the story.

Anyway, welcome back to the website and enjoy. If you simply hate us because we're pushin' forward within this digital divide and your organization isn't, GET A GRIP and move on!

- The Webmaster


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