The Passing of Brother G. Ryck Curry...

For those who were “made” or visited the Kappa Kastle from 1972 to 1982 meet, knew and experienced Brother G. Ryck Curry. Brother Curry was the last Brother to live at the Kappa Kastle. He took on the job to take care of the Kappa Kastle, when Mom’s the house mother retired. Brother Curry would help the young brothers who would visit and live at the Kappa Kastle. Brother Curry was also known for being able to break up a Province Council Meeting and not being afraid to ask questions and was an advocate for the one brother one vote campaign. He helped to make many young brothers nupes.

Brother Curry was a 1969 initiate of the Upsilon chapter. He later joined the Los Angeles Alumni Chapter, and during his final years when his health began to fail he joined the Long Beach Inglewood South Bay Alumni Chapter. Brother Curry passed away to the Chapter invisible in late August of 2005. Ryck was cremated and his ashes scattered at Sea with only his family and a few friends’ presents. A private omega service was held on Sunday September 4th 2005 at the Kappa House followed by a public memorial service. The evening was a celebration of the life of G. Ryck Curry that ended with a toast of Ryck's favorite drink Coke and Couvessior.

Brother Curry will definitely be missed.


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