The Black Jacket Exposed!

The Black Jacket in the 80's.Many have wondered about the Black Jacket but only few truly know the mystery surrounding each thread. Ever since the 80's, Upsilon Nupes have been seen at college parties and other greek functions rockin' The Jacket. While other chapters simply think it's a fad and try to bite the Upsilon style, they soon realize that their jackets just don't stack up to ours.

The Jacket transformed into the immovable object.What is it that makes The Jacket different and so popular? Some say that it is the character that seems to overcome the man within. Often times, Upsilon Nupes use The Jacket as a cloak of power where, if properly executed, a gaze over the collar seam will render any unsuspecting woman helpless and locked into a euphoric trance (see the home page for a sample of the gaze). Once caught, the victim is reeled into a private "after-set" for a close encounter. Legend has it that in the early 90's, an Upsilon Nupe was able to trap four women with a single stare, and anchor them in place by simply draping his Jacket over them turning it into an immovable object (see above-right photo).

Some say that The Jacket is possessed and its spirt is transfered into the one that throws it on their back. Others say that Upsilon Nupes wearing The Jacket are always in "Mac Mode" and to beware of the irresitable game. Either way, The Jacket has been alive for more than 20 years and will probably never die. Got questions? Ask an Upsilon Nupe. But think twice before you approach...if he's got The Jacket on!

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